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Baby Essentials - Baby Registry Ideas for a Calm and Organized Transition into Parenthood

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Blue baby shoes with a teddy bear in the background

This list of baby and toddler registry ideas is ideal for those looking for budget-friendly products. Great if you're planning to attend a baby shower or create your own registry. This recommended list covers newborn to 2+YO. Everything shared I've used as a first-time parent and just about every item here has helped to keep my day-to-day comfortable and organized.

Working Mama trying to have it all over here so some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase the item, I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Instead of buying socks of different colors and patterns, try one uniform color and style to avoid time spent matching socks. These are also great because they have tread to help a newly mobile little one stay on their feet and the ankle grip feature keeps the sock from slipping off. Practical and budget-friendly, highly recommend it!

This may look like a ridiculous purchase, but honestly, it keeps the process of applying diaper cream from getting too messy. This spatula has been a great time saver. One does need to remember to clean it regularly. Even still, it makes diaper changes less stressful overall. There's a travel version too for your diaper bag!

This nose aspirator is my go-to for helping my little one keep her nose clean and her airways clear. My daughter is a toddler now and experimenting with food quite a bit. Long story short, the NoseFrida has come in handy with a rogue pea more than once!

This nose gadget pairs nicely with the NoseFrida. It's not hugely invasive and makes cleaning easy and stress-free for my little one... and for me.

Babies grow fast, as do their nails! This trimmer has really helped to keep my daughter's nails in check. There are a few different attachments so you can keep using the trimmer as your baby ages. The simplicity of the trimmer allows quick use, not a whole big project every time you file your baby's nail, which is likely often.

Guess what, cradle cap is super common. It's usually a totally manageable issue that goes away after a few months. With that said, you'll want to have the right tools to combat it quickly. This set has everything you'll need to brush, lather, and comb.

Great for ages 6 months to 6 years, this toothpaste has a fruity smell and taste. My daughter doesn't always love her teeth brushed so tasty toothpaste is a helpful incentive.

Bristles on both sides make for a quicker and more baby-friendly toothbrushing experience. I actually have two of these. I give one to my daughter to brush her own teeth while I use the other to help her out. This way she gets the experience, but I know her teeth are actually getting brushed efficiently.

Here's a great tub cushion to keep your knees from breaking with every bath! There's also a small storage area for toys, washcloths, or soap. The floor cushion has a hanger so you can store it on a hook, out of the way when not in use.

I started using this shampoo and soap recently for my baby's bath time. She has very mild eczema, I always need to be careful with what I use on her skin. This soap has a relaxing smell and doesn't seem to bother her skin, a win! I also use the leave in conditioner on occasion too to reduce tangles in her hair.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer disposable wipes are great to keep in your diaper bag, car, or any place where soap and a sink aren't close by. I found that these were especially handy while my daughter was teething, we had a lot of toys hit the ground that she wanted to put right back into her mouth.

Congestion be gone, these wipes pack a powerful yet delicate punch. These can be used in place of a chest balm. They smell nice, not overly strong. Great for when your LO has a cold or a stuffy nose. A comforting addition to the medicine cabinet.

I love this fan. I've used this fan on the stroller and in front of the car seat on sweltering days. This summer we went on a handful of adventures and this fan was a lifesaver. It is surprisingly sturdy and holds very securely over bumpy roads and sidewalks.

These sunshades are nice because you can move them around easily and they cover a lot of space. They're Certified to block 99.79% of UVA & 99.95% of UVB. SPF100 & UPF 50+. These are easy to forget to buy before the baby is here, throw em in your cart now and call it a day.

Here's another item that's easy to forget. A shatterproof safety mirror for rear-facing car seats is a good addition to a baby registry. Whether you do a little driving or a lot of driving you're going to want a clear view of your LO every time you're in the car.

Save yourself laundry and stress - get these diaper-changing pad liners. These liners are easy to swap out and throw in the wash. Messes happen and it's far less stressful to swap out a liner than a whole changing pad cover in the heat of the moment. I use a changing pad cover too but I don't have to fuss with it as often.

This is a teether feeder and it's the best! Once your baby starts experimenting with purees this pacifier is so useful. Pop a few apple pieces in there and they can get the juice out without worry that they gag on any too-large pieces. Keeps them entertained while experiencing new flavors!

Do you like having the freedom to shower and prepare for your day in peace, then this seat is your friend. Once my daughter was able to sit up I started putting her in this chair while I showered. She stays in the bathroom with me and plays with toys or watches a video on my phone/iPad while I get myself in order. It's comfortable and she can't easily get out, even now at 1+ years old.

Here's another absolute game-changer. I bring this kids cup with a removable and interchangeable lid everywhere we go. When your toddler is able to feed themselves, it allows them to eat snacks with little mess. They can only get one piece or just a couple out at a time so it makes for a safer snacking experience PLUS you don't end up with food everywhere. I'm literally obsessed with this cup. You stuff this cup with puffs, raisins, chopped grapes, cheese cubes, or whatever bite-size yum yums you can imagine! Also, a great gift for new parents.

I'll be sure to update this article to include my new findings as I continue on this adventure known as parenthood. It's a wild ride, but if you've got love to give and handy gadgets to ease the chaos it can be done!

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